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Winter Tune Up

Your Furnace Keeps You Warm. Keep it Working at its Best!

Our 21-Point Furnace Tune Up will ensure your system runs at its best, and can even reduce your heating costs by allowing your system to run more efficiently! Our experienced and licensed technicians have years of experience working on furnaces of all makes and models. Inspection incudes a detailed report for your records.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Warranty Validation

Most major furnace manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance to maintain a valid parts warranty. Regular maintenance ensures you're covered and not paying further out of pocket.

Early Detection of Issues

A tune up helps to proactively catch issues before they lead to a costly and unexpected breakdown. Inspection and maintenance ensures your system runs at its best, when you need it most.

Improved Efficiency

Reduce excess energy consumption and heating costs associated with an overworked system. A tune up can help to reduce costs by allowing your system to run more efficiently and effectively.

Don't Wait For a Breakdown!

Book your tune-up today and save 30%! But hurry! This offer won't last long.

What's Included?

Wondering what a furnace tune up entails? Click on the headings below to learn more about our process and the benefits of maintenance for your furnace and your home comfort.

While you have likely never heard of this term, it is vital that a combustion analysis of your furnace be conducted during a tune up. Specifically, combustion analysis is concerned with the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide in your heating system. From this analysis, a technician can determine if your equipment is operating properly or if it needs repairs or upgrades. Most importantly it ensures that dangerous gasses are not present and that the levels in your home are safe for you and your family.

Check thermostat to ensure operating correctly. Adjust settings as necessary to ensure maximum efficiency.

Inspect heat exchanger for signs of defects, cracks, corosion or malformation.

Confirm blower motor amperage readings are to specifications. Clean and adjust blower motor operation. Check and lubricate motor if applicable.

Check filter system for signs of build-up or blockage. Replace standard furnace filter to ensure maximum airflow and to reduce any restriction of airflow. Note: media filter replacement/filter replacement of 4-6″ filters may result in additional cost.

Inspect and clean the pilot, hot surface ignitor or pilot ignitor. 

Inspect and confirm operation of all safety controls including door switch, high limit switch, flame sensor, and pressure switches. Modern furnaces have a several controls or “safeties”.  Maintenance of these essential devices keep you safe in potentially dangerous situations. It is also important that these are maintained to avoid faulty readings and nuisance service calls. 

Inspect and adjust heat/temperature rise. This is the measurement of the difference between the temperature in the supply air and return air ducts. Heat rise should always be calibrated to manufacturers specifications. This ensures that the furnace works efficiently, and extends the lifetime of important components such as the heat exchanger.

Inspect gas piping leading to your furnace to ensure that fittings are still secure and no visible signs of deterioration, or leakage exist.

Inspect chimney/venting system to ensure venting is clear and no blockages exist, such as nesting animals or debris. Ensure no build ups of condensate in venting system.

Clean and adjust burners as necessary for maximum efficiency. Inspect burner flame during operation for signs of incorrect combustion.

Clean and inspect secondary heat exchanger (if accessible and applicable).

Inspect and clean the condensate trap, pump and drainage lines. Confirm no blockages or deterioration present in drainage lines.

Inspect and adjust firing rate as necessary. The firing rate should always be set to manufacturer’s recommended settings. Incorrect firing rate can lead to premature system failure.

Inspect all electrical connections and adjust as necessary. Ensure all connections are secure and wiring is protected from deterioration. 

Inspect and adjust system airflow as necessary to ensure blower is providing correct airflow. Confirm no restrictions. Restricted or partially restricted airflow can lead to issues such as hot/cold spots and premature system failure.

Inspect breaker and furnace shut off. Ensure furnace breaker and emergency shut off switches are properly identified as per code. These systems are essential in an emergency and must clearly identified.

Inspect internal components that are not easily accessible using an inspection camera. This helps to identify potential issues that may not have been spotted with a standard visual inspection.

A detailed inspection report with pass, flag or fail indicators will be completed to provide a snapshot of current system health. Any recommendations or issues found will be clearly noted. Keep this report for your records to validate maintenance if parts ever require replacement under manufacturer’s warranty. 

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Offer valid from January 15-February 15, 2022. Customers who book this service within the applicable promotion timeframe will receive 30% off a standard furnace maintenance and inspection. Applicable taxes extra.  This service includes standard pleated filter replacement. Replacement of specialized media filters available at additional cost. Contact us for further details. Coupon code required if booking online. Coupon code for this promotion is WINTER30.